Overview displays for generic PWR simulator

IFE has developed a Large Screen Overview Display and four Task Support Displays for GSE Systems' generic PWR simulator. The displays are now available to GPWR™ simulator users.

Jokstad, Håkon

Specialist Group Manager


GPWR Large Screen Overview Display

The GPWR large screen overview display visualises live process data from the GPWR simulator, and provides an overview of the most important process information for control room operators monitoring the reactor, turbine and safety systems. The overview display provides the operating team or individual the ability to monitor the plant systems in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

The display was originally designed for three 1920x1080 pixels screens, combined to a 5760x1080 desktop. However, it scales to fit the end-users' screens, maintaining the original width-to-height ratio.



The graphics elements include numeric values, trend diagrams, meassurement indicators, and symbols visualising the state of equipment like pumps, valves and breakers. A number of elements combine multiple measurements to provide a more comprehensive view.

For example, in the steam generator symbol, the red circle moves within the light area according to the current pressure (x-axis) and level (y-axis). When moving, the circle draws a tail, representing the latest 30 minutes history. The dashed lines indicate high/low trip limits. Above the light area a balance-indicator compares calculated values for feedwater vs steam.

Colours indicate the type of medium, e.g. primary circuit water is purple, secondary circuit steam is white, feed water is green and cooling water is turquoise.

GPWR Task Support Displays

GPWR Task Support Displays were designed to be used in lieu of the large screen overview display and to help operators monitor and diagnose plant events. Two sets of displays have been developed; one for reactor operator and one for balance of plant operator. Each set contains one display for normal operations and one display for emergency operations, based on what the respective operator normally monitors during those conditions. The GPWR end-user can select any of these displays from a pop-up menu.

Each Task Support Display is desgned for a 1920x1080 pixels screen, but scale to fit the end-users' screens.


Licences to run the Overview Display and/or the Task Support Displays are available for purchase. The displays are compatible with GPWR simulator version X.Y and upwards.

The displays are currently available for PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 and above. They are implemented using ProcSee.

Option: ProcSee Graphics Editor to create and modify displays

Also available is the ProcSee Graphics Editor option, enabling customers to create and modify additional displays to monitor and control the simulated generic PWR plant. Hands-on training to learn how to create and modify such displays can be provided.