Man, Technology and Organisation

Software Engineering (SE)

The Software Engineering (SE) department is a leading international centre of competence for the development and evaluation of human-centred technologies, process visualisation, and the lifecycle of high integrity software important to safety.

Johnsen, Terje

Department Head


SE avdelingsbannerResearch into novel applications of emerging technologies is carried out primarily through long-term programmes in the international OECD Halden Reactor Project. We also do research and consulting work for Norwegian and international customers, including the development of solutions for use in various industries. We are world leading in the deployment of emerging technologies in the nuclear power industry, and have close cooperation with prominent universities and research centres.

We are involved in technology development for the Halden Man-Machine Laboratory (HAMMLAB), while also responsible for research and development in our own laboratory, Halden Virtual Reality Centre (HVRC). Furthermore, we are heavily involved in IFE’s cross-disciplinary research focused on integrated operation in the oil and gas industry.

Research Activities

  • Techniques for implementing advanced user interfaces
  • Use of virtual and augmented reality for teaching and training
  • Use of virtual prototyping and evaluation to improve control room design processes
  • Ubiquitous computing and support for field operators with a focus on information and communication important to safety
  • Processes, methods, techniques and tools for the various lifecycle phases of software in safety-related or safety-critical systems
  • Integrated operations, collaboration surfaces and technologies


Several of our software systems are offered to the industry, either commercially or through the Halden Project, while other systems we develop are implemented only to a prototype stage in order to demonstrate novel concepts or design proposals. Systems that have been developed to a commercial standard include:

  • CoreDataViewer – interactive 3D visualisation of (end-user supplied) simulated/measured data for a reactor core
  • Halden Planner – real-time 3D radiological protection and optimisation software
  • Halden Prover – Suite of tools for formal software development
  • Halden RM – tool for requirements management
  • Halden SimEditor – Tool for rapid development of interactive 3D simulations for training and teaching
  • HVRC CREATE – Suite of tools to support control room design using virtual prototypes, with a focus on supporting human-centred design and evaluation against human factors requirements
  • ProcSee – advanced tool for implementing and deploying dynamic graphical user interfaces for simulators, and for process visualisation and control


The department offers project participation and consulting in:

  • Design and evaluation of control room layouts
  • Process monitoring and control
  • Software to support radiation protection planning and optimisation for nuclear facilities
  • Safety in the nuclear, railway and air traffic industries
  • Training systems

In addition to projects where our own products are applied, our staff also participate in cross-discipline projects together with other departments at IFE where the SE department’s competence is particularly applicable.


The department has staff with expertise in several fields:

  • ICT research
  • 3D simulation, visualisation, and human-centred technologies
  • Process visualisation and the implementation of graphical user interfaces
  • Software techniques, safety-related and safety-critical systems
  • Control room design, in particular use of virtual prototypes in the design process and the implementation of user interfaces
  • Integrated operations