Reactor Operation and Engineering

The Reactor Operation and Engineering Department is responsible for operation, construction, installation and maintenance of the main systems, subsystems and experimental systems in the reactor.

Mjønes, Geir

Department Head


The Halden Boiling Water Reactor (HBWR) operation is licensed in accordance with Norwegian law. The operation assumes that a number of safety demands and terms are complied with legal requirements, and that documents and reports are sent to Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, which is IFE’s supervisor authority. The Safety Analysis Report (SAR) of the reactor plant gives an important summary of the facility and operation of the HBWR. The report describes the reactor facility and the reactor core, gives information about operation and responsibilities at HBWR, as well as description of safety analysis and accident scenarios.

The control and approval of the operation of the Halden Reactor Project is in accordance with requirements established by the authorities. This includes a three-yearly in-service inspection of the pressure equipment, where the reactor tank, heat exchangers, and remaining tanks and tubes are examined.

Experimental equipment is installed to meet the customers and the authorities requirements for execution of experiments in addition to standard maintenance of the reactor, pipes and components will be carried out.

The control room is also staffed by the division and is responsible for operation of the reactor.

New systems and modifications of existing systems will be discussed in IFE’s internal safety committee before starting-up. The safety committeè will ensure that the Institute’s safety work follows approved safety regulations, and that the Institute is in line with requirements given in the licence, laws, regulations and internal instructions.

The Chief of Operations has the responsibility as division head. In his absence a deputy will be responsible.

The Reactor Operations and Engineering Division is divided in five groups and have appr. 60 employees.