Material Technology

Reactor Operation, Kjeller

The research reactor JEEP II at Kjeller is a national resource for material physics research and neutron irradiation technology. The reactor, which is a multi-purpose, tank type, heavy water cooled and moderated reactor, has a thermal output of 2 MW. The fuel is low enriched uranium as uraniumdioxide. The availability of the reactor is kept very high to content the different user-groups. The power produced is used for heating purposes.

Reistad, Ole

Department Head


The utilization of the reactor includes research activities as neutron physics, activation analysis, neutronradiography etc. Neutron irradiation in the JEEP II reactor is used to create radioactive materials for use in the production of radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemicals. Radioactive tracers are also produced, along with radiation sources for use in industry and research.

Neutrons are also used for neutron transmutation doping of silicon crystals for production of semiconductor materials. Neutron irradiation of superpure silicon crystals generates in the crystals an evenly distributed content of phosphorous atoms, thereby producing the desired semiconductor properties. IFE's activity in this area covers about 10% of the world marked for such products.

Foto: Mona L. Ramstad, IFE