PeTra (Petroleum Transport) is a computer code for multiphase flow in pipelines. It is now being developed in cooperation with Statoil ASA (Statoil), Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Shell), Norsk Hydro Produksjon (Hydro) and SPT Group AS.

PeTra (Petroleum Transport) is a computer tool for simulation of multiphase flow in pipelines. A pipeline may include simply wells, a pipe along the sea bed and a riser to a platform or a ship.

PeTra is also able to simulate networks of such pipelines possibly connected to multiphase process equipment. One typical use for PeTra is for "Flow Assurance". Here PeTra is used to simulate a pipeline (or network of pipelines) to verify that the flow behaves as expected. Possible problems can thus be detected and solved at an early stage. Another typical use for PeTra is as operational support.

The development of PeTra started in 1994 with support and participation from Statoil. In 1998 the PeTra project was included in the NDP programme (Norwegian Deepwater Programme) and Shell, which is one of the NDP partners, participated in model development. From 2000 PeTra has had support and participation from the SSH collaboration; Statoil, Shell and Hydro. From 2001 SPT has also been involved.

The development in 2003 is a collaboration between Statoil, Shell, Hydro, SPT, IFE and Conseptual Development AS (ConDev).