OLGA Verification and Improvement (OVIP2007-2009)

The OLGA Verification and Improvement Project (OVIP) is a joint industrial project sponsored by a group of oil companies. It was launched to verify OLGA against a large collection of oil and gas field data and to improve OLGA based on needs found from the field data work.

Nossen, Jan

Deputy Head of Department


OVIP 2007-2009

OVIP 2007-2009 is a 3-year joint industry project (JIP) to improve the multiphase pipeline flow simulator OLGA. The project consists of these activities:

·    Validate OLGA against new and existing lab and field data

·    More detailed analysis of existing lab and data

·    Analyse new field data from the participating companies

·    Perform selected 3-phase multiphase flow experiments in IFE's Well Flow Loop

·    Analyse experimental data

·    Minor developments/tuning of models in OLGA

·    Model improvements for heavy oils