A new research program in the area of multiphase flow has started up: HORIZON II. With a budget of 30 MNOK over three years, multiphase flow research will be taken to new frontiers.

Five of the petroleum industry’s most prominent actors are sponsoring IFE’s and SPT Group's new research program. The five companies comprise Chevron, Eni, ExxonMobil, Shell and StatoilHydro. The program is 100 % contract financed and runs from 2008 to 2011.

Narrower scope
HORIZON II succeeds the first HORIZON program (2004-2008), but with a narrower scope. Two areas are central:

  • Three phase (oil, gas and water) slug flow in oil-dominated systems.
  • Long distance gas-condensate transport modelling, with focus on oil and water accumulation at low production rates.

The main aim is to improve OLGA©’s predictions in these two areas. OLGA© is a tool designed to simulate pipeline transportation of oil, natural gas and water. HORIZON II will reduce the uncertainty of the flow predictions that presently lead to unnecessary complications and increased costs for the oil companies.

- We are well on track and the work has already started up, Program Manager Kristian Holmås reports. The HORIZON II team recently had a successful kick-off seminar and are ready to initiate the next stage of HORIZON. About 20 people are working on the research program, around twelve of them IFE employees from the Process and Fluid Flow Technology Department (PROSTEK).


 The HORIZON II team assebled at kick-off
Photo: Egil Hjertaker

- It’s a fantastic group of people working together. Many of us have also collaborated in the first HORIZON program, Holmås adds.

The HORIZON I program was a big success, and finished on schedule in May 2008. The results are integrated in the next generation OLGA© codes.

- Multiphase flow research contributes to the development of petroleum fields located farther away from land, under deeper seas and in more difficult terrain, such as the fields Snøhvit and Ormen Lange, explains Holmås.

This form of oil and gas transportation requires very advanced modelling tools, and OLGA© is the global leaderx with about 80 % market share.

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