IFE Joint Industry Drag Reducer Project

The objective of the project is to establish predictive tools (models) for the engineering community.

Nossen, Jan

Deputy Head of Department

  • Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) are frequently used to increase flow capacities in single-phase flows.
  • The application of DRA to multiphase pipe flows is less understood.

The first IFE Joint industry drag reducer project started up in 2002.


  • The long-term goal of the "IFE joint industry drag reducer project" is the generalization of single-phase DRA theory to multiphase pipe flows - for all flow regimes.
  • The previous phases of the IFE DRA JIP have successfully carried out a large number of experiments and developed steady state models for two-phase stratified and slug pipe flows with polymer type DRA.

IFE is currently planning a new phase of the project with kick-off in early 2008. Highlights include

  • Diameter scaling of DRA effects
  • Bench-top methods for selection of optimum DRA
  • Literature review of DRA effects in multiphase flow