Material Technology


New Instrument for material analysies by use of the Neutron flux from JEEP II.

Deledda, Stefano

Senior Scientist


ODIN will use the same type of analyses as the existing instrument PUS. The difference is that ODIN will handle a bigger intensity in the neutron flux.

ODIN will be the most powerful and also the biggest instrument when it comes to dimensions in the reactor hall.

The project budget is 15 mill NOK and is financed by the Research Council of Norway, University of Oslo and IFE. The instrument is scheduled ready for test running during 2015.

ODIN under preparation in the reactor hall. The green-grey reactor wall of JEEP II is seen to the left. In the red container the neutron beams are filtered and directed towards a material sample. When the neutron beams hit the material sample they change directions and the detectors, in the white container, pick up information about these direction changes. This information sort of mirrors how the atoms are located  in the material sample.

ODIN preparation