LiMBAT - Metal hydrides for Li-ion battery anodes. The project is a coordinated effort between IFE, UiO and SINTEF to systematically investigate the correlations between morphology and properties of metal hydride-based conversion type anodes in Li-ion batteries. The obtained understanding could pave way for anodes with superior capacity compared to the current state-of-the art.

Sørby, Magnus Helgerud

Senior Scientist


The primary objectives of the project are:
- synthesize MgH2 and Mg/LiH composites with a wide range of morphologies for conversion electrodes in Li-ion batteries.
- understand the correlations between morphology and electrochemical performances of the synthesized anode materials.
- exploit the knowledge gained with the MgH2-based materials on more complicated systems, including Mg(BH4)2, Mg(NH2)2 and fast Li-ion conducting Li(BH4)1-xClx, and LiRE(BH4)3Cl (RE = rare earth) to obtain conversion electrodes with higher capacity and better performance.

The secondary objectives of the project are:
- to train two postdoc fellow for 3 and 2 years at IFE and UiO, respectively.
- to consolidate and further develop the competence on battery technology at IFE, UiO and SINTEF.
- to establish collaboration with field-leading actors in Europe (CNRS, France) and Japan (Hiroshima University).
- to strengthen the collaboration between IFE, UiO and SINTEF.

IFE is Project Manager, and Sintef and the University of Oslo is partners in the project.

Total budget is 9,46 MNOK

Final workshop, August 27-28 2018

The workshop «Metal hydrides – energy carriers in modern all-solid−state Li-ion batteries” is arranged August 27-28 at Thon Hotel Lillestrøm as a final dissemination event for the LiMBAT project.

There will be presentations from the project partners as well as from international invited speakers. There is no participation fee.

There are still room for a few more participants. Please register by email here

Workshop program (pdf)