Material Technology

Developing Neutron Reflectometry for materials research in Norway

Neutron Reflectometry is an advanced analytical method that can provide depth resolved information ranging from about 5 to 5000 Å. It allows access to the concentration of a species in a direction perpendicular to the film surface, probe lateral order and also determine the magnetic micro-structure. Neutron Reflectometry has never been performed inside Norway and Norwegian researchers have to rely on large-scale facilities and scientific know-how located outside the Nordic countries to perform these studies.

Objectives of the project:

  • to develop methodological expertise and build national competence in the field of neutron reflectometry
  • to strengthen international collaboration with leading research groups and large-scale facilities in Sweden (ESS and Uppsala), Germany(HZB, FRM II) and France (ILL)
  • to increase the national capacity in neutron-based research by implementing neutron reflectometry at the JEEP II reactor at Kjeller.
  • to be an active partner in state-of-the-art instrumentation development and optical component testing for the ESS in Lund.

The research Council of Norway is sponsor (project no. 218418/F50), and the budget is 3 575 MNOK. The project ends in 2015.