Material Technology


Project title: Fundamental investigations on Improved Materials and Storage Concepts for a Hydrogen based Integrated Total Energy Utilisation System

Hauback, Bjørn Christian

Head of Department


The aim of this project is the development and design optimization of a next-generation hydrogen-based stationary energy system, based on the Totalized Hydrogen Energy Utilization System (THEUS) concept promoted by AIST where the primary energy is from renewable sources and the secondary energy is hydrogen.

Since the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant accident triggered by the Great East Japan earthquake in 2011, Japan is moving toward denuclearization and increasing the amount of renewable energy. At the same time, several European countries are already shifting towards renewable energy sources, which must be integrated efficiently and reliably in the energy supply system. The latter is a significant challenge due to the uneven geographical and temporal distribution of renewable sources (e.g. sun, wind). Energy storage technologies and their development are therefore increasingly important. In this respect, hydrogen storage, and in particular storage in solid compounds, is attractive as it is suitable for long-term and large-scale energy storage. In addition, hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier for the energy conversion. This project is addressing the development and characterization of novel hydrogen storage materials and, by integrating these materials, improvement of the total efficiency of hydrogen systems for stationary applications

Project manager Europe: Department head Bjørn C. Hauback (IFE)
Project Manager Japan: Dr. Akihiro Nakano (AIST)

Partners in the project:  IFE, AIST (Japan), IMR-TU (Japan), HZG (Germany), EMPA (Switzerland), Århus Univ. (Denmark).

Project period 2013-2015.