Material Technology


The Physics Department utilizes neutron beams from the JEEP II research reactor in fundamental studies of the physical properties of solids, soft condensed matter and liquids. Its activities constitute a national laboratory for education and research. The department has broad collaboration with researchers in Norwegian universities and industry, and at several foreign research institutes.

Hauback, Bjørn Christian

Head of Department


The department utilizes neutron beams from the JEEP II reactor to explore materials and their potentials in a growing number of applications, such as hydrogen uptake in metals for energy storage, superconductors, liquid crystals, polymers, complex molecular structures, and magnetic behaviour.

The use of neutrons is often the only way to see what happens inside such materials because of neutrons penetrating power and their sensitivity to magnetic atoms. In addition, neutrons are also more sensitive than X-rays to light elements such as hydrogen and carbon, which make them uniquely useful for studying hydrocarbons and biological materials. Instead of developing new materials "by guess or good luck", neutrons may therefore be a crucial tool to design new materials with preferred properties.

At the JEEP II reactor, a series of advanced neutron diffractometers and spectrometers are tailormade to explore the various materials properties. The activity constitutes a national laboratory for basic materials research and technology. The department has a broad collaboration with Norwegian universities and industries, and with several foreign universities and research institutes. Training of students is offered every year through a national intensive course in neutron scattering and its interpretation.

Upcoming Events
NcNeutron Workshop  23 January 2018 at Arena Hotel, Lillestrøm.
NANO2021 Programstyremøte 04/2017, Oslo, Bjørn Hauback, 13 December 2017.
Visit by Victor de Haan 13-15 December 2017.
NNSP-meeting (Nordic neutron school) Copenhagen, Bjørn Hauback, 15 December 2017.

Bilde Fysikkavdelingen Storaas 2015

Department seminar, Storaas Gjestgiveri, June 2015