Kjeller Localised Corrosion Project (KLOC)

The Kjeller Localised Corrosion Project (KLOC) is a joint industry project running from 2007 to 2011, sponsored by several major oil companies and suppliers. The main objective of the project is to generate knowledge and understanding of localised corrosion processes in sour service oil and gas production and process facilities.

The Materials and Corrosion Technology Department has been running joint industry projects for the international oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. KLOC is the third JIP with focus on effects of H2S on corrosion.


Sour oil and gas production and transport carry a risk of material damage due to CO2/H2S corrosion, and especially localised corrosion attacks. Such attacks are a considerable threat against personell and environmental safety, pipeline integrity and flow assurance. Development of fields with H2S requires robust and cost-effective corrosion control methods to prevent environmental hazards and production upsets caused by leaks and ruptures. The objectives of this project is to generate experimental data required for better understanding of localised CO2/H2S corrosion processes taking place on carbon steel, and to apply this knowledge to improve corrosion prediction and mitigation. Carbon steel combined with an effective corrosion mitigation strategy is often the economically favourable material solution for pipelines and tubing in oil and gas production.

Sour gas well production tubing failure
7-inch diameter sour gas well production tubing failure due to localised corrosion. The cost of pulling and replacing the tubing in an onshore well is typically around 10 MNOK / 2 M$ plus lost production. Repairs and replacement of transport pipelines can be much more expensive, if at all possible. (Ref. Saudi Aramco, NACE 2005).

Scope of work

The project has a scope of work with both substantial experimental activity and modelling/prediction, including:

  • Parametric studies of sour corrosion morphology on large surface areas.
  • Experimental studies of trigger parameters/conditions for localised sour corrosion.
  • Modelling of localised corrosion in CO2/H2S systems.
  • Literature surveys and reviews.


The following 13 companies participate in the KLOC project: Shell, StatoilHydro, ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Total, Saudi Aramco, BP, BG Group, Champion, Baker Petrolite, Clariant and JOGMEC.