Operational Culture


The HRP has initiated the Operational Culture project in order to investigate the cultural aspects of operational behaviour at a national and organisational level.

Bye, Andreas

Department Head


Human behaviour varies between different cultures and decides how and why we behave as we do in certain situations. It can therefore not be ruled out that issues like team work, decision making and problem solving in NPP control rooms to some extent has a cultural component accounting for different operational practices. Based upon this it is important to investigate the potential cultural elements of control room behaviour, labelled here as ‘Operational Culture’, and relevant cultural differences among the HRP member organisations.

The OECD Halden Reactor Project’s Operational Culture project overall aims are to investigate the generalizability of research findings in relation to possible differences in operational culture among and within the HRP members. Another aim is to develop necessary guidelines and/or other tools on how to deal with cultural challenges, given the identification of significant variations in operational culture.