Man, Technology and Organisation

Industrial Psychology (IND)

The overall objective of the department is to improve the safety of dynamic and complex production systems, focusing on human performance issues and organisational factors. The department performs empirical research on human potentials and limitations in the operational environment, focusing both on human interaction and human-machine interaction. The results are used within design, evaluation and safety assessment of complex production systems.

Bye, Andreas

Department Head


The core business of the department is empirical studies of operational safety in the HAlden Man-Machine LABoratory (HAMMLAB). HAMMLAB contains two nuclear power plant simulators and one oil production platform simulator.
A substantial part of the research activities are performed within the international OECD Halden Reactor Project. Furthermore, bi- and multilateral projects are carried out for the nuclear industry, the petroleum industry, transport sectors such as air traffic management and railways.
The staff competencies include human factors, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, organizational psychology, and statistical methods.
The department’s activities comprise:

  • Human factors and human reliability experiments
  • Human-machine design methodology and design principles
  • Human factors verification and validation
  • Human and organisational safety assessment methods