Energy and Environment

Environmental Monitoring Group

The Environmental Monitoring Group monitors radioactive pollutions and studies the mechanisms influencing the dispersion and transfer of radioactive materials in nature. This provides basic knowledge that can be used to calculate radiation doses and evaluate the consequences of radioactive contamination of man and the environment. The group is responsible for control of radioactive discharges from IFE’s nuclear activities at Kjeller and for monitoring of radioactive contamination in the local environment. The Environmental Monitoring Group runs one of Norway's leading laboratories for analyses of radioactivity in environmental samples.

Rand, Anna

Operations Group Manager


The group performs analysis of anthropogenic and natural radionuclides in a variety of sample materials in connection with discharge control, environmental monitoring, research projects, and on assignment from external customers. The laboratory has equipment for measuring alpha, beta and gamma radiation. In many cases a chemical separation of the element of concern must be performed before measuring of the activity. The measurements may often be performed directly on the sample, or following a simple pre-treat. When measuring pure alpha or beta emitters or nuclides with very week gamma lines, the nuclide of concern must be separated chemically before measuring by alpha spectrometry or gross beta counting respectively. The analyses make great demands on the competence and accuracy of the analyst, and on quality assurance.

The group participates in several national and international radioecological research projects. The cooperation with other Nordic countries is of special importance. The group participates in several project supported by the NKS (Nordic nuclear safety research), and has the project leader for two of these projects. The projects deal, among other things, with sampling methodology and radiochemical analyzing methods.

In a cooperation with the Climate Technology Section (IFE) and SINTEF, NIVA and NIFES the group participates in a project (RAIV) to study the consequences on human and environment of discharge of radium in produced water form oil and gas production. The project started in 2005 and is financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

Since 1980 the group has studied the radioactive pollution in the marine environment along the coast of Norway. The group also contributes to the Arctic, military environmental co-operation between Norway, Russia and USA. The group performs analyses for industry and food producers, and in special assists the petroleum industry with analyses and advices concerning classification of radioactive deposits on production equipment and discharge of natural radionuclides to the marine environment.