FOREST (Guidance for sampling in forests for radionuclide analysis and update of the Nordic forest radioecology network)

IFE is co-ordinator for the project FOREST, one of several projects sponsored by the NKS (Nordic Nuclear Safety Research). The project was initiated in 2005 and the practical aims of the project are compilation of a sampling guide for radionuclide analysis of northern forests and to activate a network within Nordic forest radioecology.

Sampling procedures for soil, trees and understorey vegetation are prepared in collaboration with radioecologists and forest researchers in Finland, Norway and Sweden. A draft guide on sampling methods is under preparation and the work is based on expert information received through partner organisations. Other Nordic forest radioecologists and experts on forests are invited to contribute.

The guidance prepared under FOREST, and implemented in future field studies, will improve reliability of data and parameters derived for forest modelling. Through the improved sampling methods, environmental and dose assessments for emergency preparedness in the forestry will be advanced. Qualified sampling is a necessity in analysis of potentially contaminated forest products and tree stands.

In October 2008 a workshop will be arranged for presentation of results and conclusions on sampling methodology, discussion of future challenges of the Nordic forest radioecology network and for giving a forum for scientific communication between Nordic forest radioecologists.

The following institutes participates in the project:
Institute for Energy Technology, IFE, Norway, Co-ordinator
The Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK, Finland