ZeroGen II - Technologies for Large Scale Zero Emission Power Plants (2008-2009)

The main objective of the present project is to identify the optimal integration of the ZEG-technology with respects to high overall efficiency, high CO2 capture rate, low production costs of electricity and hydrogen as well as low CO2 capture costs in large scale zero emission power plants.

Meyer, Julien

Senior Scientist, Specialist Group Manager / Material and Process Technology


Project duration: 01.04.2008 – 31.03.2009
Funding by: Research Council of Norway, ZEG Power AS, Statoil ASA
Project leader:
ZEG Power AS
Partners: ZEG Power AS, Prototech, Statoil ASA

The sub-objectives are the following:

  • System analysis and cost analysis of two more cases with different electricity/hydrogen output ratio
  • SOFC cost analysis and techno-economic optimisation for large scale power plants
  • Optimisation of the plant size and design as well as the heat integration
  • Optimisation of the size of the reformer unit and the number of units to a given plant size
  • Identification of the technical issues related to major economical variations
  • Identification of possible new innovative technological solutions
  • Identification of the need of further technology development
  • Obtain necessary information for further marketing of the concept