Zero Emission Gas Power Plant (ZEG) – Verification of process design in laboratory scale (2006-2007)

The main goal of the present project is to build, test and evaluate a 2 kW laboratory scale plant for co-production of electricity and hydrogen from natural gas with integrated CO2-capture. The plant comprises an integrated system with a SOFC-stack and a reactor for hydrogen production by sorption enhanced reforming.

Meyer, Julien

Senior Scientist, Specialist Group Manager / Material and Process Technology


Project duration: 01.06.2006 – 30.11.2007
Budget: 7.8 MNOK
Funding by: Research Council of Norway, Risavika Gas Center
Project leader: IFE
Partners: CMR, Prototech, Risavika Gas Center

The sub-objectives of the project are:

  • To run the two processes simultaneously in different modes of the process sequence and find optimum operating conditions:
    • H2-production from reformer reactor, feeding the SOFC with H2-rich fuel.
    • Heating and calcinations using the SOFC output stream. The SOFC uses a H2 back-up feed stream.
    • Cooling using a separate airline. The SOFC uses a H2 back-up feed stream.
    • To identify and quantify heat losses and mechanical stress during the different operational modes.
    • To run the process safely.

Testing will take place at the test centre in Risavika, Stavanger (RGS).