Reactive flow in compacting rocks (2012 SIS)

The aim of the project was to further develop a numerical code for coupled porous flow, deformation and chemical reactions in a reservoir.

Yarushina, Viktoriya

Department Head - Environmental Analyses


Project duration: Jan. 2012 - Des. 2012
Project leader: Viktoriya Yarushina
External partners: Y. Podladchikov, University Lausanne; F. Radu, UiB

The project resulted in several new project proposals and presentations at conferences (se “publications”). The numerical model was improved and is now being used to explain the mechanism by which CO2 migrates through impermeable layers. Such focused flow cannot be explained with conventional flow modeling tools and may play an important role at for example Sleipner, where efficient flow of CO2 through so-called chimneys has been observed.

This works continues within other projects such as «SUCCESS» and the SIS project «Competence building in reactive multi-phase porous flow for application in CO2-EOR/EGR and geothermal energy».