NewLoop (2014-2016)

Bilateral-EU project – Norway-Poland. The project is called New-Loop, and aims for development of innovative chemical looping technologies for energy generation from solid fuels.

Aranda, Asunción

Department Head


Project duration:
Project leader: Suni Aranda Sanchez
External partners:
Instytut Energetyki (Warszawa) (Project Promoter) and Politechnika Częstochowska (PCz) and NILU.

Main focus of our work at IFE: the development of materials nominated “oxygen carriers”. These solids are to be applied in energy generation by combustion of solid fuels. In this specific technology only CO2 and steam are generated as reaction products (without N2 dilution, inherent to conventional combustion with air) which makes it very competitive in terms of energy efficiency among the technological alternatives for energy generation with CO2 capture. Then the research work aims for the development of a process based in the technology called Chemical Looping. As mentioned, our main task is to design and produce oxygen carriers suitable for the process and with the lowest production cost possible. Modelling and simulation activities, a small plant construction will be carried out mainly by the Polish partners and NILU is on charge of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the environmental impact evaluation of the technology.