Energy and Environment

Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives (NETP)

Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (NETP2016) is a research collaboration between the IEA, seven leading research institutions from the Nordic countries and Nordic Energy Research. IFE is the Norwegian research partner.

Espegren, Kari Aamodt

Deputy Head of Department/Senior Scientist


The project builds on the first edition of the project, which was finalized in 2013, presenting technology pathways towards a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system in 2050. This second edition (2016) will develop Nordic research competencies further and provide in-depth analysis on how the Nordic countries can meet the challenges identified in the first edition. A specific focus is on urban energy analysis and on energy system integration. The work includes in-depth analysis of issues critical in realizing a decarbonized Nordic energy system, and includes analyses on how to achieve a sustainable transport system and a smarter utilization of energy in cities, and how the Nordic energy system can interplay with Europe in the future.

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