Energy and Environment

Energy Systems

The department conducts research, development and technology dissemination in renewable energy technologies and energy analysis.

Lind, Arne

Department Head


The Energy Systems Department is a department with about 20 employees who are divided into two specialist groups:

Renewable energy technologies

This specialist group works with renewable energy related to wind energy, hydrogen storage, renewable energy systems and heat pumps. The group has a primary focus on research and development of technology solutions for domestic and international customers.

Specialist Group Manager: Roy Stenbro

Energy System Analysis

This specialist group has a primary focus on the development of models for analysis of the energy system. We model the energy production, energy transmission and distribution, and technologies for energy demand in regions, countries or groups of countries. The tools TIMES and TRNSYS are developed and used for analysis on regional, national and local scale. The purpose is to develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, analyze the composition of energy sources, assess future technology options, and analyze options for implementation of energy efficient measures. The work includes assessment of future technology development, digitalization, and analysis of policy measures that can contribute to development of a sustainable energy system for the future.

Specialist Group Manager: Kari Espegren Aamodt