Nuclear Power and Nuclear Safety

International meeting on Application of advanced plant information systems for nuclear decommissioning and life-cycle management


Dec 03, 2018 to
Dec 05, 2018
Hotel Scandic Lillehammer, Norway

Logo-topp til seminar Halden nov 2018

Lillehammer - Sjusjøen (foto: Joachim Bratteli)

Based on feedback we received from the participants of our last large scale event on nuclear decommissioning (, we are planning this event in 2018 and another in 2019 (

The workshop will bring together a multidisciplinary group representing the professional community working on implementation and oversight of decommissioning for discussing a roadmap for modernising nuclear decommissioning practices through adoption of advanced plant information management methods. Examples for subjects to be discussed:

  • Bilde1 til seminar nov 2018Integrated management systems for  OPEX and early decommissioning planning.
  • Application of advanced plant information methods at legacy sites.
  • Digital techniques for  regulatory communication.
  • Advanced techniques for knowledge exchange and training.
  • Digital twins supporting testing of robotics and other technologies/methods.
    • Bilde2 til seminar nov 2018Document management
    • Product/configuration management
    • Requirements management
    • Container loading management
    • Tender and contractor management
    • Risk and uncertainty management
    • Project management


A joint workshop within the OECD Halden Reactor Project and the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research Forum is planned for 6-7 December at the same venue, providing the opportunity for interested participants to attend both events.
More information will be uploaded in due time.

  • Organising committee ( Joachim Bratteli, Espen Nystad, Jannicke Margrethe Neeb, Liv Hanne Brevig
  • International advisors: Gloria Kwong (OECD NEA), Patrick Joseph O'Sullivan (IAEA), Vladimir Michal (IAEA), Ashok Ganesan (IAEA), Oszvald Glöckler (IAEA), Vladan Ljubenov (IAEA), Richard Reid (EPRI), John de Grosbois (indep. consultant)
  • Chairman: István Szőke, Institute for Energy Technology, Norway

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