IFE Invest

IFE Invest AS (previously IFE Venture AS) is responsible for commercialization of intellectual property rights from IFE and portfolio management of spin-out companies

The company's purpose is to own and manage IFE Foundation investments. This includes owning companies that support IFE Foundation purposes and commercialize and invest in ideas, products and services developed by IFE's activities, including establishment of new companies and licensing agreements based on IFE technology. The company will manage and develop the company's stock portfolio, IPR portfolio, partnership interests and related activities.

IFE is an important contributor to the development of Norwegian and international business, both through deliveries in specific projects and through setting up new businesses based on IFE technology.

In order to strengthen the commercialization effort and contribute to a more active development of the portfolio companies, IFE Invest AS was established in 2008 as a fully-owned subsidiary of IFE, and with the Board of IFE as General Assembly.

In addition to managing IFE’s interest with respect to value creation in existing spin-out companies, IFE Invest will contribute in the early phase of commercializations through advice on business development as well as evaluation of the commercial potential and the necessary resources to reach that potential.

It is also the ambition that IFE through IFE Invest is able to take part as an active owner in spin-out companies for a longer period of time, in order to increase the value of the commercial portfolio.

IFE and IFE Invest work closely throughout the commercialization process. IFE is responsible for the process from basic idea and until a decision regarding commercialization is made. IFE Invest takes over and is responsible for the process related to decision on commercial strategy, funding, business development and a potential exit.

Managing Director Jørgen Lundberg, E-mail: jorgen.lundberg@ife.no, tlf. 906 91 448