Nuclear Technology and Physics

The Research Reactor JEEP II is IFE’s most important tool in characterization and developing of new and smart materials, and for irradiation technology. The sector attends to important national tasks within development and use of nuclear technological methods, basic research in physics and radiation protection.

This sector has in 2015 been merged with sector NUSP to new sector Nuclear Technology, Physics & Safety.

IFE is international renowned within the fields material research, irradiation technology and radioactive tracers. The sector has about 100 employees and a turnover of about 205 MNOK.

The sector will focus on

  • Operation of the JEEP II-research reactor as a national laboratory for applied and basic research
  • Characterization and developing of new and smart materials within energy, environment and health (micro- and nanotechnology)
  • Production of radioactive isotopes for medical and technical purposes
  • Production of semi-conductors (Neutron Transmutation Doping (NTD) of silicon)
  • Electron beam welding of advanced industrial products, research equipment, nuclear fuel and reactor core components
  • Operation of the Gamma irradiation plant for reducing microbes in spices and for sterilizing of disposable medical equipment
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